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A Consortium of Small award-winning Technology and Professional Services Firms, located across the country, and top HBCU/MI; whose successful past performance, business and industry certifications, and training make them “responsible bidders” for federal contract opportunities.

Small Businesses and HBCU/MI representing all activities associated with the NAICS codes for Information Technology and most associated with Advertising and Public Relations, Market Research and Public Opinion Polling, Graphic Design, Technical Writing, E-Learning and E-Marketing, Training and Professional Development, Legal Services, Construction, Event Planning and Management, Facilities Support, and Environmental Services.

Small Businesses and HBCU/MI, whose location, expertise and Past Performance with federal agencies, state and local municipalities, commercial industry, and large federal contractors with civilian and military agency contracts, make them desirable partners, team participants, and mentor - protégé candidates.

Highly qualified and experienced HBCU/MI institutions capable of performing complex and advanced research and development contracts and providing trained Subject Matter Experts in a wide variety of disciplines, including technology, health, education, and engineering.


MITC is a consortium of small technology and professional services firms and HBCU/MI with a broad "bandwidth" of expertise and successful experience in Information Technology, Construction, Training, and other desirable professionals service areas. MITC member firms can provide services within the Continental US (CONUS) and outside (OCONUS).

Business Development

MITC provides business development and other growth-related support services to technology and professional services firms, of all types and sizes, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority-Serving Institutions.

Federal Contractors

We offer an efficient, effective single point for Federal Contractors to access pre-vetted team members to meet their Federal Small Business Sub-contracting Requirement.