Code of Conduct

The Minority Information Technology Consortium (MITC) is committed to acting ethically. This commitment is reflected in our first core value “We Act with Integrity and Show Respect.” Our high ethical standards have been a part of why we have been, individually as businesses, successful in the past and will serve as a cornerstone for our future growth. For that reason we must ensure that everyone we do business with including contractors, joint venture partners, agents, distributors and consultants (collectively, “Business Partners”) embrace and demonstrate the same high standards of ethical business behavior.

We require our participants to comply with the expectations and standards of this Code of Conduct, and for their suppliers and sub-contractors to act in accordance with this Code as well. Failure to comply with any of these expectations and standards will require the Participant to take immediate action to correct the deficiency and may result, in MITC’s sole discretion, in the termination of the Participation agreement between MITC and the Participant.

Legal Compliance

We expect Participants and Business Partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes all applicable local, state, provincial and national laws, codes, rules and regulations, as well as all applicable treaties and international standards.

Ethical Dealings

We expect MITC Participants and Business Partners to compete fairly for business, without paying or receiving bribes or kickbacks, or giving or receiving anything of value to secure an improper benefit or advantage, and avoiding all forms of corruption. This includes complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act regardless of where in the world the Participant or Business Partner is located and with the laws of the country in which they operate.

Employment Practices

We expect Participants and Business Partners to treat their employees with fairness, respect and dignity and to promote a work environment that is free of harassment, forced labor, corporal punishment or other forms of physical coercion.

We expect Participants and Business Partners to ensure child labor is not used in any operation. “Child” refers to any non-family participant employed under the age of 15.

We expect Participants and Business Partners to comply with all applicable laws governing maximum work hours, vacation time, leave periods and holidays, and to provide compensation for overtime hours and mandated benefits in accordance with applicable laws.

We expect Participants and Business partners to base all conditions of employment on an individual’s ability to do the job and not on personal characteristics or beliefs, and to promote a workplace free from discrimination.

We expect Participants and Business Partners to only employ workers with the legal authorization to work and to ensure that authorization has been validated by the appropriate legal documentation.

We expect Participants and Business Partners to ensure they provide a safe and healthy working environment for all their workers.

Record Keeping

We expect Participants to maintain all financial books, records and accounts in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and generally accepted accounting principles, including documentation related to equipment and software traceability.

Confidential Information

We expect Participants and Business Partners to safeguard MITC’s confidential information by keeping it secure, limiting access to those who have a need to know in order to do their job. Participants and Business Partners should avoid discussion of confidential information in public areas such as planes, elevators, restaurants, mobile phones, and in online social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others) as well as in personal and company blogs. This obligation to preserve MITC’s confidential information may be ongoing, even after the business relationship ends.

Gifts and Entertainment

Participant and Business Partner employees are prohibited from accepting any gift, favor or entertainment if it will obligate or appear to obligate the recipient or otherwise influence any business decision.

Conflicts of Interest

We expect Participant and Business Partner employees to act in the best interest of our consortium and to have no interest with any supplier that might conflict, or appear to conflict, with that obligation. We expect participants and Business Partners to disclose to MITC any relationship it may have with an employee, or an employee’s family participants or close personal friends, which might represent a conflict of interest.

Reporting Concerns

We expect participants and Business Partners who believe that an employee of MITC, or anyone acting on behalf of MITC, has engaged in illegal or otherwise improper conduct, to immediately report the matter to the MITC.


MITC is a consortium of small technology and professional services firms and HBCU/MI with a broad "bandwidth" of expertise and successful experience in Information Technology, Construction, Training, and other desirable professionals service areas. MITC member firms can provide services within the Continental US (CONUS) and outside (OCONUS).

Business Development

MITC provides business development and other growth-related support services to technology and professional services firms, of all types and sizes, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority-Serving Institutions.

Federal Contractors

We offer an efficient, effective single point for Federal Contractors to access pre-vetted team members to meet their Federal Small Business Sub-contracting Requirement.